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In the March issue: Learn how to save money, invest in your future and explore scholarship opportunities for high school students looking to study music in college.

2018-19 Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Program

The power of storytelling is real and relevant. Content consumption is evolving, and visual content creators have been challenged to meet that demand. With new technologies and innovation in communications platforms, everyone has the power to create, edit and publish... Physical Therapy Scholarship Program

Hey physical therapy students, we know the cost of school can be expensive so our friends at want to help you out! Up to five scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded to physical therapy students who exhibit academic excellence and a strong sense of personal commitment to continuing their education.

How to Get the Most out of College

How to Get the Most out of College

Initially, when most people think of college hard work, parties and expenses come to mind. I looked at college as a trial run for “real life.” I made the most out of my college experience by thinking about my future. I wanted to create a career that I loved, so I...

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